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  • yamayama - Nov. 26, 2014 in Funny
    Laws: they may be arbitrary, stupid, and make no sense, but God help you if you break them.
  • MetDragon - Nov. 26, 2014 in Wallpapers
    this is creepy and ureal.. but an awesome drawing none the less
  • GermanWolf25 - Nov. 26, 2014 in Funny
    Thats not funny -.-
  • Orhoz - Nov. 25, 2014 in Funny
    Preach on brother kermit
  • CTViki - Nov. 25, 2014 in Funny
    It is a common misconception that dogs are monochromats, meaning they can only see shades of grey. Dogs are colorblind in the same way that many humans are. They can see colors, but they perceive them
  • CTViki - Nov. 25, 2014 in Funny
    I need to show this to anyone who asks me about unbirth.
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